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I just spent... I don't know.  Too much time anyway, on a total strangers profile. This wasn't a potential circle member, this wasn't a person known to the people in my circle, this wasn't some young hotbody telling tales of lust with pictures of their hotness all on display.
Don't get me wrong, I enjoy doing all that stuff too...
No the last hour was a portion of some strangers life dissected.  Someone who hasn't been here since January of last year.  It started in in her stories.  A promising future, a love of her life.  This girl had it all figured out.  She was happy, life was good... But then she stopped writing. I never got to see if everything turned out as she had planned. So I went to her blog and there was the next chapter of her life.  I was shocked. Ok, I wasn't shocked.  Her fairy tale crashed.  Its kind of sad really, because part of the reason she had stopped writing stories was the comments she was getting.  Nobody embraced her vision of the future.  They all warned her that she was setting herself up for failure and she hated that. But they were right.
Now the other thing I like is that when you go to someones blog you see the most current.  You see the results of all the previous blogs. So the first one I read was her life of total destruction.  Her fairytale stories had turned into blogs of hate, revenge, sex, drugs, and boys.  She was angry, alienated, vindictive.  Step by step, blog by blog I got to go back and see how her life progressed to the now.  The simple little errors that made life hell as they built up over time.
And that is why I'm here.  I get to see peoples life as it plays out.  I like to see the results and how people got to be who they are.  The very first day I spent on EP back in 2009 was the same.  I remember the profile and the soap opera that her life became.  I was hooked then, and I'm still hooked now.

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Posted on 01:59PM on Feb 12th, 2012
I can't remember. I didn't comment on any of it so I can't go back and check.
Posted on 02:01PM on Feb 12th, 2012
Oh but if you mean the one back in 2009, that was fairytalemist. Total cougar.
Posted on 02:03PM on Feb 12th, 2012
That's awesome =] I love learning about people too.
Posted on 06:50PM on Feb 13th, 2012
there's a lot of profiles like that, ones with a lot of ups and downs and things you can see coming and things you can't... it's like reading a good story, only it's worse when you realise it's somebody's life
Posted on 06:59PM on Feb 13th, 2012
Worse isn't the word I would use. It carries more impact for me because the characters are real.
Posted on 04:12AM on Feb 22nd, 2012
I don't know how I missed this. I wish there were more people like you. People who look at the whole picture, with honesty and compassion. People who see the bad...but try to find some good too. People who say...yes, this might not turn out well, probably won't as a matter of fact, but I'll try to find something positive and I'll support you the best I can. You've done that for me, and I've seen you do it for other people. It's one reason I love you, and value your friendship so very much.
Posted on 04:20AM on Feb 22nd, 2012
We did our share of that huh? Looking at lifes situations and trying to make the best of them. Zoo guy is making me smile right now >:)
Posted on 04:34AM on Feb 22nd, 2012
Ah...Zoo Guy. And Tatoo Guy. And Lawn Mower Guy. I really, really know how to pick them. I remember thinking that there would never be anyone who really connected with me. You've always been there for me...from the moment we met. Thanks for that.
Posted on 04:36AM on Feb 22nd, 2012
Hey, its what friends do right?
Posted on 04:39AM on Feb 22nd, 2012
Yup. And think of all the good laughs we had at the expense of Zoo Guy. He was really, really dumb.
Posted on 04:46AM on Feb 22nd, 2012
LMAO! Ya. But he helped make 2009 awesome.
Posted on 04:55AM on Feb 22nd, 2012
Sure. You got the amusing anecdotes. But I had to try to follow him when he tried to have an intelligent discussion.
Posted on 07:07PM on Feb 22nd, 2012
Always makes me wonder what happened to people. Why they stopped coming to ep.
Posted on 08:15PM on Feb 22nd, 2012
Seeing as I've thought about leaving a dozen times I can tell you why. Its a combination of logging on as seeing the same stuff every day, and the sudden realization that this world gets more of your attention than the real one. But EP will always only be two dimensional. A flat screen in front of me no matter how beautiful it is.
Posted on 03:10PM on Feb 24th, 2012
great post.
Posted on 03:15PM on Feb 24th, 2012
Thanks Copper! Glad to see you back.
Posted on 03:50PM on Feb 24th, 2012
I thought about leaving too, but i'd either delete or most likely leave a featured story about why I was going. I meant those that just stop. Like Gyps, we spoke everyday then one day she just didn't turn up. No more posts or comments, just gone. She never mentioned anything except the few events she had lined up. Did she just wake up and realise this place held nothing to her or did something bad happen......
I was asked about Emperor the other day, he disappeared the first time for months because he was living out of his car.......he's gone again, been gone since august. I just hope he's okay too.
Posted on 10:12AM on Feb 28th, 2012
Anybody hear from Toady lately?
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