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These guys suck.  So does their team
I don't think that chick is wearing underwear
YUUUUPP That dude sounds like the dude on storage wars
I like Barry.  Nice and eccentric.  
I dont think its a steam punk motorbike just because it has a teardrop shell
Why am I curling with old people?  They can't sweep worth shit.
I think my team is the only one not drinking. DAMMIT!
Is it too pretencious to put my hand behind my back?
No.  But it feels retarded
That team really sucks.  They need a coach.  They need me as their coach. Wait, I can't stand their parents.
That girls boobs almost come out of her shirt when she sweeps.  Too bad she's 350.  Its like a traffic accident, I can't look away.
Why is that bearded guy staring at me?  Oops, it might have been his daughters ass I was checking out.
I think shes wearing long johns.
Probably cuz I'm wearing long johns.
This guy talks like a pro.  Throws like a girl, but talks like a pro.
Why are they questioning my double rye?  I don't question their corona.
I wonder if any of these rich people are hiring.
My arms are gonna hate me in the morning.  My legs are hating me now.
How can a guys ya and no sound so much the same?
my team needs more hot chicks.
my team needs ALL hot chicks.
Except then they would all be at the other end.
My opposition needs all hot chicks
My least favourite winter thing is sweaters.  Let those puppies out!

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Posted on 08:58AM on Dec 2nd, 2012
HA! This was quite entertaining. I've always wondered what goes on in your head...
Posted on 09:01AM on Dec 2nd, 2012
Curling involved a whole bunch of standing around doing nothing but thinking. You are either standing freezing and thinking, or working your *** off.
Posted on 09:01AM on Dec 2nd, 2012
Curling involved a whole bunch of standing around doing nothing but thinking. You are either standing freezing and thinking, or working your *** off.
Posted on 09:04AM on Dec 2nd, 2012
So plenty of time to think...That would get me in all sorts of trouble...
Posted on 09:07AM on Dec 2nd, 2012
I didn't even get into how the woman skipping the rink beside me kept going on with her "HARDER HARDER WORK IT GET IT HERE!"
I bet she is a freak in the sheets.
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