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I'll get the bags.  You just... you just deal with dad.....  A conversation sometimes had when dealing with the elderly.  But not in my case.  In my case it was the words of a 13 year old, and the subject was me.
For the next two weeks I am an invalid.  I cant bend over to put on socks or shoes, I can't lift more than a milk jug.  The milk jug is a funny one.  It makes me second guess everything around me. It also limits me and makes me work around those limitations.
For instance, the wife knows I like toast in the morning.  But by the time I get up she will be gone to work.
"How will you have toast without margarine?" She asks.
The margarine container is a big bulk thing that we are both sure weighs more than a milk jug.
"I'll just scoop it out of the container while its still in the fridge" was my witty reply.
"But you can't bend over that far".... True.  No bending or stretching allowed.
At this point I mumble that I'll figure it out.  In my head though I'm screaming at her to just put the fucking margarine on a higher shelf of the fucking fridge.  But after only 3 days of this I'm already past giving the simple orders that would make my life easier.  And I know that I will figure out how to get my margarine, or I'll do without.

And see, the thing that pisses me off is that I think these limitations are bullshit.  I mean sure I know I have to be carefull.  I can't risk ripping out the stitches along my spine, or the very worse, an infection.  But I feel that the limitations placed on me are more of r someone totally incapacitated from their injury.  I wasn't.  I battled through the pain and kept myself in as good a shape as I could.  The surgeon called it high pain tolerance, but whatever.  The result is that my back is strong and only my leg is weak.  To strengthen it I need to move it.
But for now I sit in this house and rot.  Probably only getting weaker instead of the opposite.  Hell I didn't even get out of bed to pee until noon today.  Some recovery this is.

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Posted on 02:10PM on Dec 10th, 2012
I am so on my way to put the fukin butter on a higher shelf.
tomorrow im calling you and we can jack off on the phone all day. we can burden each other babe.
Posted on 02:16PM on Dec 10th, 2012
Deal! For today I just put on tice the cheez whiz
Posted on 02:21PM on Dec 10th, 2012
cheese whiz on toast??? wtf???
Posted on 02:22PM on Dec 10th, 2012
Cheez whiz was made for toast. And celery sticks.
Posted on 02:25PM on Dec 10th, 2012
I like cheese whiz and all....but COME ON MANE!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted on 02:42PM on Dec 10th, 2012
And what do you put it on? O.o
Posted on 02:53PM on Dec 10th, 2012
crackers...or i eat it straight from the can. im cool like that.
Posted on 02:56PM on Dec 10th, 2012
From the can? I only do that with peanutbutter. And crackers are just really thin toast.
Posted on 04:09PM on Dec 10th, 2012
Posted on 04:09PM on Dec 10th, 2012
for you baby
Posted on 04:14PM on Dec 10th, 2012
HAHA! This. Is. Awesome!
Posted on 06:03PM on Dec 12th, 2012
Ill pm ya
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